Roll That Beautiful Beef Footage

Christmas has come and gone. I sincerely hope you had a pleasant one (or Chanukah, or Kwanza or Winter Solstice or whatever your holiday affiliation is) and spent with loved ones and surrounded by good foods. Years ago, when my family got together, we decided the focus (unlike Thanksgiving) is primarily on family, rather than […]

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Quest for Beef Fajitas

Growing up in the Fort Worth suburb in the late 70s there was a new fad in Mexican food: Fajitas. Specifically, beef fajitas (I think chicken was introduced at a later time). Sundays after church we’d occasionally trek to Fort Worth to this house-turned-restaurant that served these. Not sure if it’s nostalgia or if it […]

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Stuffed Pork Loin

Last week was my father’s 85th birthday. He used to be a huge fan of apple butter, so I found a crock pot recipe and made a batch, jarred it and gave to him as a present (No need to blog it, didn’t deviate from the original recipe for this, just follow the link). I […]

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