Stuffed Pork Loin

Last week was my father’s 85th birthday. He used to be a huge fan of apple butter, so I found a crock pot recipe and made a batch, jarred it and gave to him as a present (No need to blog it, didn’t deviate from the original recipe for this, just follow the link). I […]

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Smoking Pumpkins

Continuing the theme of “Can you smoke this“? This round, it’s pumpkins! Inspired by a friend who posted on Facebook his stuffed pumpkins, it got me thinking: can I smoke something like this? So, first I had to find recipes. I didn’t want to do my friend’s recipe as it called for water chestnuts and […]

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¡Feliz cumpleaños!

My middle kid turned 21 today. We celebrated the night before with Tacos Al Pastor, Barbacoa & smoked queso! Barbacoa His favorite tacos are barbacoa (Mexican barbecue) I’ve made it before, but always something lacking when doing so. A friend of his says this is how his family makes it, so I thought I’d give […]

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Can You Smoke It?

Before starting this blog I posted pretty regularly on FaceBook my smoking endeavours. As I continue trying new things, it begs the question what can’t I smoke. Last night’s latest creation was Italian Meatloaf. So, I won’t bore you with each step I take with this, it’s basically mix everything into a bowl, form a […]

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