The Juicy Lucy

Day four, burger four of Hamburgerpalooza. The Juicy Lucy. I’ve made this before, and if I remember correctly, the cheese oozed out while cooking on one or two patties, so I hope the fare better this time. Since I can’t find a decent YouTube video that interviews a restaurant that makes these AND explain what […]

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Loco Moco

Because my order is in UPS hell and not delivered (even though it’s said ‘Out for Delivery’ for two days, now) I was itching to start our Hamburgerpalooza week. Originally, I was going to just make this for me and one of my kids for breakfast, but I had the ingredients, it’s easy to […]

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye…

I love pizza. I mean, who doesn’t? But with a celiac family, finding good pizza is a challenge. Pizza delivery places all use the same Udi’s pre-made pizza crust (as far as I can tell) and gluten-free frozen pizza only comes in thin crust (which is my favorite) but the texture is the same as […]

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Chicken ‘in’ Waffles

Binging with Babish is one of my go-to’s for the entertainment version of comfort food. (There’s actually a lot of these type shows, maybe a blog about that another time) As if by fate, somehow I saw two of his episodes back-to-back and decided to combine them into one dish: Chicken in Waffles & Nashville […]

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GF M&C AB Testing

(Gluten Free, Mac & Cheese AB Testing) As I’ve mentioned before, 3/5 of my family have celiac. No gluten products. Thankfully, gluten free products have come a long way in the past 15-ish years when my wife was first diagnosed with this. And for the most part, just about anything the family wants I’ve been […]

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