The Juicy Lucy

Day four, burger four of Hamburgerpalooza. The Juicy Lucy. I’ve made this before, and if I remember correctly, the cheese oozed out while cooking on one or two patties, so I hope the fare better this time. Since I can’t find a decent YouTube video that interviews a restaurant that makes these AND explain what […]

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Ted’s Steamed Hamburgers

Next on my family’s Hamburgerpalooza journey is Ted’s Steamed Hamburgers. Yup. Steamed. Not grilled on an open flame, not cooked on a griddle, steamed. So bizarre and different we had to try this. Now, like with the Louis’ Lunch Hamburger, there’s some custom hardware I had to figure out. They use these custom steamers that […]

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Louis’ Lunch Hamburger

Everyone knows the birth of the hamburger was in Texas (wink), but my Texas humility will allow for Louis’ Lunch to have this title. (And honestly, Louis’ Lunch still exists and makes burgers and the CafĂ© in Athens, TX is no longer there) So, to kick off our Hamburgerpalooza, what better way than to fix […]

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Burgers are a timeless classic and my family loves, loves, LOVES them. Almost anytime when fumbling for dinner ideas, no one turns down the idea of burgers and we almost always have the stuff for it at hand. I discovered The Burger Show on the YouTube channel, First We Feast. On the show, they occasionally […]

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Loco Moco

Because my order is in UPS hell and not delivered (even though it’s said ‘Out for Delivery’ for two days, now) I was itching to start our Hamburgerpalooza week. Originally, I was going to just make this for me and one of my kids for breakfast, but I had the ingredients, it’s easy to […]

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