Zero. Zero. Nine. Six.

I discovered Numbers Stations years ago through some random browsing on the Interwebs. This lead me down the rabbit hole for days, weeks maybe, learning about what it was. For those not knowing what a numbers station is, here’s a brief summary: A numbers station is a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted […]

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Sous Vide Ribs

(Sorry, couldn’t think of a funny title) For Mother’s Day I asked what my wife wanted for a special meal and she replied “BBQ”. Considering it was Saturday and doing a brisket in time for lunch the next day was iffy, I suggested ribs instead. She was onboard. I’ve done ribs before, but similar to […]

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My continued quest for GF bread

As you know from previous posts, my family has celiac or an intolerance for gluten products. Making cooking for them a challenge. It’s a welcomed challenge, because I love being able to fix foods for them they’d otherwise cannot have: fried chicken, chicken fried steak, hamburgers, grilled cheese, pasta, etc. Bread has always been a […]

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Boiling a steak

When I first heard about sous vide, years ago, I never understood the concept of it. It seemed you’re just boiling food. It wasn’t until a friend loaned me one to better understand the concept of what it was. I tried it with chicken, and finally got the concept. It wasn’t just boiling food, it […]

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