Non-tweaked Recipes: Meals

Rounding out my non-tweaked recipes (I really don’t have anything for desserts, which would be the only other topic I know) I’m doing meals. As before, these are recipes I use as-is (or very minimal tweaking, like making gluten free) and probably not enough of my own spin to warrant its own blog entry.

There are some recipes I’m holding off until I make it for its own blog because some are so interesting and fun to make it can get lengthy if I add it here.

So, without further adieu:


Mexican meatballs – whoduthunk?

Who knew Mexico had meatballs? Apparently Rick Bayless did. Saw this on his show Mexico: One Plate at a Time on PBS and had to make it.

These are nice, simple to make and have a nice Mexican kick to it with the chipotle. Serve with rice and fresh corn tortillas.

Proper English Cottage Pie

Ultimate English Comfort Food

Another easy dish to make. This goes real well on cold nights. The potatoes, cheese and beef in a thick gravy-like consistency makes for some good comfort food.

I found this recipe at Allrecipes after watching Gordan Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares UK (don’t be fooled, his “US television personality” is all for show. On his shows in the UK, he’s kind, understanding, quiet and genuinely wants to help these people) show a pub owner how to make a descent Cottage Pie. And since the show doesn’t do recipes, off to the Interwebs and found this gem.

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps

Korean tacos!

There’s three dishes I have not been able to get filled up on. Sushi, crab legs and now this stuff.

Seriously, I made it as-is the first time, doubled it next time because the family went through it so fast and we had to order a pizza after, and even made triple the amount the time after that. I think because the lettuce doesn’t fill you as much as bread or pita or whatever you can consume more. Plus is don’t do as much rice when filling the lettuce leaf. Either way this stuff is great.

Found this recipe on the Interwebs when I was trying to find light dishes to fix. Came across this one on Iowa Girl Eats and sounded good. Yes, I’m pretty sure this isn’t 100% authentic Korean, but it’s good.

Ethiopian Meal

Absolutely superb meal

This is not for the faint of heart. This is a full-on 7 plate complete vegetarian dinner.

You have GOT to have your mise en place in order. And while I would usually hold something complex like this for its own blog entry, chances are I might not make this again in full. I’ve done it twice. Kicked my ass twice. One time was 100% success, the other was 85% success. The Injera bread was a disaster and couldn’t be served.

BUT, if you’re ambitious, love cooking and make some of the cold dishes the day before and plan well, this is an amazing meal.

I got this from a friend who posted this on Facebook as sort of a “Oh wow, look at this”

Using every stovetop for this dish

I took it as a personal challenge, so I bookmarked the page, transferred it to text for easy reference, took mental notes when shopping what ingredients the stores had and didn’t (I only wound up ordering Yellow Lentils on Amazon – everything else I found between Kroger, Albertsons & Walmart)

So of course, now that I’m talking about this and seeing the pictures, maaaaaybe I will make this again sometime. But by all means, if you make this, let me now. Love to see other people’s take on it.

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