Smoking a (Breakfast) Fatty

“How I got Put in Facebook Timeout”

Facebook recently rolled out a new algorithm, in the wake of QAnon, lies about the elections, hate speech, etc. And it’s a little too sensitive.

I got flagged for a picture I uploaded 2 years ago, in response to the news media blaming violence on video games, as if nothing else ever had a factor in it. Nope. 100% peace until 1971 when Pong came out. (I know, I know, Computer Space was the first arcade, but it wasn’t a success) I’m sure it’s because it did a facial recognition of Hitler and flagged it, not taking into account the context.

The picture in question that got me reported

So, why am I talking about this? Because I also got a warning from FB when in a BBQ Smoking group I mentioned making bacon fatty. That is, a bacon & pork-stuffed in ground Italian sausage, wrapped in a bacon weave, smoked and basted with BBQ sauce. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. Fatty just also happens to mean a large joint to smoke, and like I said, Facebook tagged me again on this because it found key words.

But enough about Facebook, algorithms & FB jail. Let’s talk about the fatty. I was thinking about it the other day and wondered if I can make it a breakfast dish. I have a theory you can take (almost) any dinner dish, add eggs to it and it makes sense as a breakfast entrée.

Pizza? Add scrambled eggs to it. Enchiladas? A fried egg on top. Steak? Ever heard of steak & eggs? Fried chicken? Chicken & Waffles with a fried or scrambled egg! Closest I’ve come to what you can’t do is pasta and soups. So far, almost anything else I, can take leftovers from last night, add an egg and bam: breakfast is served!

Everything I need for my breakfast fatty

So I decided to try this with my bacon fatty. What if I made scrambled eggs with garlic, onions, green peppers and cheddar and stuffed that inside the fatty to cook? Challenge accepted!

My bacon weave for the fatty

So, first thing was lying plastic wrap on the surface to make rolling my fatty easier. Then I made my bacon weave.

Adding the sausage layer

After that I got 1 lbs. of maple breakfast sausage and spread it out evenly on the weave.

My (failed) attempt to make an omelet

Next step is to make my Denver omelet. However, I opted out of adding ham, because there’s just so much pork product already and afraid it would be too heavy as-is.

That’s a lot of food there

So, after the eggs were cooked, I tried to make it as narrow as possible along the center of the pork concoction, then I rolled.

This is where the plastic wrap came in handy. The meat’s temperature rose some and with the adding of the warm eggs, made the entire vessel too soft to roll into a bacon burrito, so the plastic wrap helped manage that, using the wrap to pick up one end to roll.

All wrapped up and no where to go

Afterwards, I placed on a tray and set it in the fridge overnight to smoke the next morning.

Next morning as I started up my smoker at 275 degrees, I pulled out the fatty and gave a liberal dosing of my pork rub I used for my Pork Montana and placed in the smoker.

Resting a fatty

All-in-all, it took about 2 hours to smoke at 275 until I got an internal temperature of 165. I pulled the fatty and covered to let rest about 30 minutes before slicing.

Sliced fatty

So, a tip for when you fix a roll that’s stuffed with different ingredients: you thermometer may give false readings of the temperature. My thermometer read 165, but I think it hit the egg & cheese part of the fatty which possibly heats up quicker than the pork. As you can see above, the sausage was a little pink. So I nuked each slice for about a minute and everything came out fine. I won’t cook the remaining fatty as we’d be reheating extra slices later in the microwave as well and it should finish the cook then.

Fatty, toast & hash browns

Results: Good, but rich! Plus a bit salty. With the bacon & breakfast sausage, the additional salt in the rub made it a tad too salty. I would suggest to make a run without salt if trying something like this.

Also, cook it longer than what the temperature reads, so the pork actually cooks throughout (unless you can check the pork’s temperature without hitting the omelet part of the fatty)

But really good. We’d definitely be making this again, but maybe do an Israeli salad to go along with this instead of hash browns. Just a very heavy breakfast and now I want to nap for an hour or so.

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