Gluten Free Chicky Nuggies!

My family and I loved Chick-Fil-A. Growing up in a Methodist Church, Chick-Fil-A was a usual staple for Youth meals and snacks. However nowadays, we don’t partake in Chick-Fil-A for two reasons, one is the CEO’s stance on LBGTQ+ rights, and the other is my family’s celiac. Sure they have grilled chicken there as well, […]

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I’m sure plenty of you heard, Texas experienced a state-wide catastrophe when the artic blast hit us, starting February 14 (my birthday, btw). Sub-freezing temperatures, resulting in residents using a higher demand of electricity to keep their houses warm, lead to rolling black-outs to help ease demand on Texas’ power infrastructure (I won’t get into […]

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Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ…

No matter how you spell it, it means one thing: long cook time involving meat, heat and smoke. Anything hot and quick to get a sear like hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks is grilling, not barbecue. Got it? Good. So I noticed a do a lot of smoking in my recipe blogs, but never really […]

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Non-tweaked Recipes: Meals

Rounding out my non-tweaked recipes (I really don’t have anything for desserts, which would be the only other topic I know) I’m doing meals. As before, these are recipes I use as-is (or very minimal tweaking, like making gluten free) and probably not enough of my own spin to warrant its own blog entry. There […]

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Non-tweaked Recipes: Soups

Continuing my series on non-tweaked recipes I often make, I thought I’d do soups and chili for the winter weather. Later this week North Texas is finally getting some cold weather. Starting Thursday we’re getting lows in the 20s and a few days in the teens. I for one, welcome our Cold-Miser Overlord. One, we’ve […]

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