Stuffed Pork Loin

Last week was my father’s 85th birthday. He used to be a huge fan of apple butter, so I found a crock pot recipe and made a batch, jarred it and gave to him as a present (No need to blog it, didn’t deviate from the original recipe for this, just follow the link). I also has some leftover apple butter I need to do something with it.

I also had half a pork loin brining, also wondering what to do with. At first I thought just smoking it and glazing with the apple butter, so I started looking at online recipes and then I saw something: stuffed pork loin.

This recipe called for apples, but I decided instead to use the rest of the apple butter for its stuffing. And the nice thing was I had all the ingredients already, including pecans because I made some spicy candied pecans a few weeks back!

Onions and bacon and garlic (Oh my!)

So, I fried the bacon, sautéed the onion (Okay, I didn’t have shallots) and garlic, then added the chopped pecans and apple butter to mix.

Trying to butterfly the loin

Next was to remove the pork loin from the brine, rinse it and try to butterfly the thing into a sort of spiral cut so it rolls out, stuff it and roll it back up.

Yes! Yes! Let the hate flow over this piece of pig flesh!

Friends, a sharp knife is your best friend with something like this. I mean, it wasn’t a bad first attempt, but it could’ve been better. I know it was too thick after I add the filling and attempt to re-roll it, so I laid plastic wrap on top and worked out my frustrations with a meat tenderizer on it, hoping to flatten it some more.

Ready to roll!

Afterwards, I spread the filling on top, then roll and crap! There’s a tear where I cut the loin. Oh well, when I tie it it should be fine.

All tied up…with the tear…grumble, grumble

So, after the roll, I tied everything with butcher’s twine to hold its shape, trayed and placed in the smoker.

Halfway through, I basted with the remaining apple butter

So, I started the smoke (225 degrees) naked. About halfway through the cook, I then basted/coated the loin with the remaining apple butter and let smoke/cook until an internal temperature of 165.

Final product after resting.

Pull. Rest. Slice. Enjoy.

B. E. A. Utiful!

Family really liked this dish. Smokey. Sweet, but not overly sweet from the apple butter, nice contrast to the bacon pieces and onions, just overall a really good balance of flavors.

Definitely doing this again.

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