GF M&C AB Testing

(Gluten Free, Mac & Cheese AB Testing) As I’ve mentioned before, 3/5 of my family have celiac. No gluten products. Thankfully, gluten free products have come a long way in the past 15-ish years when my wife was first diagnosed with this. And for the most part, just about anything the family wants I’ve been […]

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The Incredible, Edible Egg

Eggs are pretty much my protein of choice for breakfast. And now that I discovered how to poach eggs, probably one of my favorite ways to have them. So, now I have the cooking part down, I finally got to experiment with different types of eggs. My go-to is grocery store eggs. With a family […]

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Fromage à Trois

Success! So, from my previous cheese posts, I attempted (and failed) my first attempt at cold smoking cheese. The second time, I vacu-sealed them and left them in the fridge for two weeks. It’s now two weeks later. First I took out the mozzarella. I had a roast beef sandwich and thought this would be […]

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