Where’s the Nerd stuff?

Just an FYI, I WILL talk on other topics sooner or later (hopefully sooner) This isn’t just a food blog. It’s just…well, a lot of topics I already showed/covered on recent Facebook posts, and I’m waiting for something to come in the mail so I can show off, anything not really ‘blog-length’ topics I post […]

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Taquitos & Flautas are Tacos too!

Inspired by this tweet & article from Texas Monthly: I decided to make flautas and taquitos. What’s the difference between the two? As far as I can tell, they’re both the same thing: seasoned meat, wrapped in a tortilla and fried. Just that taquitos are corn tortillas & flautas are flour (or in my case, […]

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Can You Smoke It?

Before starting this blog I posted pretty regularly on FaceBook my smoking endeavours. As I continue trying new things, it begs the question what can’t I smoke. Last night’s latest creation was Italian Meatloaf. So, I won’t bore you with each step I take with this, it’s basically mix everything into a bowl, form a […]

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