Nerd Alert!

I finally got the frame in the mail today so I can document and blog about my holy grail!

A Dave Stevens Rocketeer print I’ve been coveting for years.

A thing of beauty

I was first introduced to The Rocketeer comic through a friend’s t-shirt he wore advertising the art back in the 80s.

The T-shirt design that started it all

The Rocketeer was a perfect blend of all things I loved: World War II, Pulp, Pin-ups, Aviation & Flying! Once I discovered the comic I was hooked.

Years later, I’ve grown to recognize and appreciate Dave Stevens art form. I only knew him from his work in the comics until about mid-90s when I discovered his other work.

An excellent compilation of his sketchbook work

Since then, I have slowly collecting his work. And the latest print I acquired makes it more complete (although, I have a LONG way to go still)


So now I get to figure out where to hang this piece. I might re-arrange the above wall, I might hang it on the other side of the bookshelves, dunno.

I just know I absolutely love this piece and so happy to have it. But, for me, a holy grail is a moving targets. Now that I acquired this grail, time to be on the hunt for the next one: an original Dave Stevens art piece.

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