Can You Smoke It?

Before starting this blog I posted pretty regularly on FaceBook my smoking endeavours. As I continue trying new things, it begs the question what can’t I smoke.

Last night’s latest creation was Italian Meatloaf.

ONE Garlic clove? Pfft…

So, I won’t bore you with each step I take with this, it’s basically mix everything into a bowl, form a loaf and smoke at 225 until an internal temperature of 165.

I will add little nuggets of information I come across my shenanigans, such as:

If you garden, save the roots of your onions to plant. These are Texas 1015 sweet onions that I can’t find seeds anywhere, so I improvise.

One other ‘mistake’ I made was instead of the 1 cup of marinara sauce, I used 1 can of Italian style dived tomatoes. Undrained. I think not draining it made my meatloaf mix too wet and after the first 45 minutes on the smoker, it started losing its form, turning into The Blob from those 50’s B-Movies (Sorry, not pictures) so I scooped it best I can back into the pan and cooked while the liquid cooked through/drained/evaporated to hold its shape.

One other issue I did that was new was have it on parchment paper. Normally I put this directly on the grate, or an oven rack to drain instead of pooling. Because it was so wet, this probably saved my meatloaf falling into the pit itself, but next time I’ll be more mindful of the mixture consistency and not have parchment.

A few hours later, it was time to top and cheese it

I also grilled some squash, marinating in Italian dressing

No finish product to show, but really the only difference was I topped the meatloaf with some fresh basil from my garden.

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