Sooner or later I was going to make another brisket. Family loves a good barbeque, but now that the kids are gone, fixing a whole packer brisket is a bit much. It’s a lot of food. But my eldest is coming to visit (he lives in another state), so I thought this was the perfect […]

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Back in the days of ol’, you know, the ones where it snowed 24 inches and we had to walk to school uphill both ways? Hand-held & tabletop games were a very different experience. No fancy color LED screens, nor even B&W animated pixel like the original Gameboy. No, these were Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) […]

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Where’s the Food?

Hey all. I know it seems I shifted from food to my Star Wars Arcade modification. Rest assured, I am still planning to blog some more recipes I make. It’s just my wife has been out of town for a week and cooking for one isn’t that appealing. Especially anything worthy of pictures, recipe and […]

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